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Meet Lisa

Transformational Menopause Coach

I'm Lisa Boate, the passionate force behind Lean In, Finding Your Way Home Coaching.


As an experienced educator, Certified Menopause Specialist, and dedicated Reiki Practitioner, my mission is to guide and support women on their transformative journeys, especially during the challenging phases of the empty nest and perimenopause/menopause transition.

In my practice, I create nurturing spaces where women can rediscover their essence, reconnecting with their body, heart, mind, and soul. My purpose is to help them navigate this pivotal chapter of life with grace and empowerment.


Through personalized coaching, I empower women to reclaim their magic, helping them script the next chapter of their lives where they are the lead character, deserving of passion, vitality, and peace.

This work is deeply personal to me because, like you, I'm traversing the uncharted territories of the empty nest and grappling with the changes in my own perimenopausal body. Together, let's embark on this empowering journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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