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Reclaim Your Magic: Empowering Transitions for Your Next Chapter

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Meet Lisa

Transformational Coach

Welcome to Transformational Menopause Coaching, where we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Menopause isn't just a biological phase; it's a powerful transformation in a woman's life. Our coaching dives deep into this transition, offering support, guidance, and tools to reclaim your magic. From navigating physical changes to embracing newfound wisdom, we'll explore the holistic essence of menopause. Together, we'll craft a personalized path, ensuring you not only survive but thrive during this transformative period. It's time to reclaim your vitality, rediscover your purpose, and embrace the beauty of menopause as a gateway to a more fulfilling life.


How to Work With Me!

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"Lisa is the most empathetic, intuitive, though-provoking coach I have ever had the privilege to discover. She challenged my paradigms and inspired my vision while safely holding my heart in a way that was not scary or overwhelming. Lisa's ability to skillfully traverse the deeper regions of my soul made my time with her worth every penny. You won't be disappointed."

- Beth

Coach, mentor, advocate, healer, friend, motivator, leader, connector and bad ass; for over 20 years Lisa has been playing these supportive roles in my life. Lisa is her most authentic self and she allows others the space to be their most authentic selves. Coaching with Lisa gives space for healing, while she shares her contagious energy, enabling a spark to igniting the light within you. Lisa radiates warmth and my life is brighter with her in it!

- Kim Vallieres

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